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Mad Movies HS N°58b - Psychose front cover

Mad Movies HS N°58b - Psychosis

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Mad Movies Classic - Psychosis
by Mad Movies

Publisher : WK Books ( September 25, 2020)
Language : French
Number of pages : (hardback)

From Hitchcock's masterpiece to the "Bates Motel" series.

This Mad Movies Classic celebrates 60 years of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece through 100 pages, most of which are devoted to the smallest details of this seminal feature film, from the serial killer who inspired Robert Bloch to the release in rooms, including filming, in particular that of the essential shower scene. Without forgetting the legacy of Psycho: the four sequels released in 1986 and 1998, the almost shot-by-shot remake of Gus Van Sant and the TV series Bates Motel, which retraces the youth of Norman Bates, are also analyzed, as well as the influence exerted by the feature film on the descendants of Hitch and horror cinema in general.