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L'Ultime razzia (1956) de Stanley Kubrick - front cover

The Ultimate Raid

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The Last Raid (1956)

by Stanley Kubrick

BQHL Editions - January 26, 2023

Original Title :
: LINEAR PCM 2.0 Mono: English, French
Subtitles : French
Duration : 84' ( )
Format : Blu-ray
Area : B
Genre : Thriller

After five years behind bars, Johnny Clay puts the finishing touches to a plan to rob a racetrack. Estimated loot: $2 million. More than enough to radically change the course of many people's lives. Around him, Clay brings together not only men who know the places well to work there, but also an indebted policeman, a sniper and a former wrestler capable of starting a fight at the right time. If he leaves nothing to chance and seems to have planned everything down to the smallest detail, the robber forgets, however, that a grain of sand is sometimes enough to seize the best oiled mechanics.

Content and Bonuses
Case with sheath
Presentation of the film by the screenwriter Laurent Vachaud (38')