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L'Horreur Venue d'au-delà de l'Espace (1958) de Edward L. CAHN - front cover

The Horror From Beyond Space

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The Horror From Beyond Space (1958)
of Edward L. CAHN

Bach Films – April 25 , 2022

Original Title : It! The Terror from Beyond Space
Audio : VOST Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Subtitles : French
Duration : 70 mins
Format : DVD
Area : B
Genre : sci-fi


January 1973. The first manned expedition to Mars led by Colonel Edward Carruthers of the American space fleet ended in the sudden loss of communications with Earth. In order to solve the mystery, a new crew takes off aboard Challange 142 for a rescue mission. The Challange 141 rocket actually crashed into the planet. Colonel Edward Carruthers is the only survivor of the nine members who made up his crew. Accused of having murdered them, he will be court-martialed and will most certainly be executed. But as the rocket prepares to take off, a monster smuggles into the holds...

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