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The sidewalks of Bangkok

The sidewalks of Bangkok

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The Sidewalks of Bangkok (1984)
of John Rollin

LCJ Editions & Productions - June 6, 2010

Audio : French (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Subtitles: Without
Country : France
Year : 1984
Duration : 1h25
Format : DVD
Area : B
Genre : Policeman

Rick, a secret agent assigned by the French services to get his hands on a new bacteriological weapon, is killed in Bangkok when he had just discovered a crucial lead in his investigation. As the government could not accept this failure, a new mission was immediately put in place. And only a few days later, Roger, his successor, enters the important crime organization with his only weapon being his excellent mastery of counterintelligence networks. Facing him, Rita, a formidable killer and leader of a gang of Thai spies, sends her own agent, the mysterious and disturbing Claudine.

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