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Les Évadés de l'espace (1978) de Kinji Fukasaku - front cover

Space Escapees

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Space Escapees (1978)
by Kinji Fukasaku

Carlotta Films – December 5, 2022

Original Title :
: DTS HD MA 1.0: French, Japanese
Subtitles : French
Duration : 105' ( )
Size : Blu ray
Genre : SF, Action, Adventure

The once peaceful planet Jillucia has become the scene of the tyranny of the Stressos who have established their stronghold there by force. As a last resort, the leader of the Jillucian survivors defers to the god Liabé by scattering eight divine nuts across the universe who, according to legend, will be able to discover the eight valiant warriors who will join forces in order to free Jillucia. The first of them will be Ayato.

Content and Bonuses
New restored HD master
Japanese original editing (1978, 105', VOST) and French cinema editing (1979, 93', VF)
Case with sheath
“Graines de star”: conversation between Fabien Mauro author of “Kaiju, invaders & apocalypse: The Golden Age of Japanese science fiction”, and Jérôme Wybon, author of “Star Wars, 1975-1985: The 'SF Invasion' (HD, 28')
Original Trailer