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Les Chiens de guerre (1980) de John Irvin - front cover

The Dogs of War

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The Dogs of War (1980)
by John Irvin

The Image Workshop - August 23, 2022

Original Title: The Dogs of War
: DTSHD-MA 2.0 Mono: French, DTSHD-MA 2.0: English
Subtitles : French
Duration : 119' ()
Format : Blu-ray Collector's Edition
Area : B
Genre : War

Jamie Shannon is a renowned mercenary. His job: to travel the world and participate in all the wars that can enrich him. He has just accepted the most dangerous mission of his entire career: to organize a putsch in Zangaro, an African state governed by a bloodthirsty dictator. To fulfill his contract, he must recruit a team of dangerous mercenaries… real dogs of war.

Content and Bonuses

Original trailer
“When mercenaries attack” by Philippe Lombard, journalist and writer (13')