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L'Echine du diable (2001) de Guillermo del Toro - front cover

The Devil's Backbone

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The Devil's Backbone (2001)
by Guillermo del Toro

Carlotta Movies - November 24, 2021

Original title : El Espinazo del Diablo
Audio: DTS HD MA 1.0: French, Spanish
Subtitles : French
Duration : 107' ( )
Format : Blu-ray
Genre : Horror, Drama

As civil war tears Spain apart, young Carlos finds refuge in Santa Lucia, an orphanage lost in the countryside run by Mrs. Carmen. At nightfall, the boy is challenged by his comrades: he must cross the courtyard of the establishment to get to the kitchen, forcing him to pass in front of the house of the caretaker, the unfriendly Jacinto. Once there, Carlos hears strange sighs and discovers the ghost of a mutilated child in the basement of the building.

Content and Bonuses
New 2K restoration supervised by director Guillermo del Toro and cinematographer Guillermo Navarro
Blu-ray case with overcase
Audio commentary by director Guillermo del Toro and cinematographer Guillermo Navarro (VOST)
"Marisa Paredes and the ghosts of Francoism": interview with the actress (24')
"Eduardo Noriega, evil in the 'raw' state": interview with the actor (12')
"Demons and wonders of Guillermo del Toro": interview with the director (30')
"The mysteries of the film": meeting with the film crew (20')

Making of: actors and technical team lift the veil on their character and the making of the film (19')
The special effects: special effects of the bomb and the character of Santi explained by the journalist Julien Dupuy (17')
5 film/storyboard comparisons (12')
"Home Cinema": conversation between Guillermo del Toro and director Fabrice du Welz produced by BeTV (HD, 86')
Original trailer
Trailer 2021