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Le Temps des loups (1969) de Sergio Gobbi - front cover

The Time of the Wolves

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The Time of the Wolves (1969)
by Sergio Gobbi

LCJ Editions & Productions - June 22, 2022

Original Title :
: DTS-HD 2.0: French
Subtitles : Without
Duration : 105' ( )
Format : Blu-ray
Area : B
Genre : Crime, Drama

For some time now, a band of gangsters commanded by Robert, who has taken the nickname "Dillinger", has been terrorizing France. The hold-ups follow one another at a frantic pace. Superintendent Kramer, bound to Dillinger by a childhood friendship, nevertheless pursues his former friend with unfailing perseverance. After a daring heist in a bank, Dillinger and his team leave for the Coast where they live a golden life. One evening, in a casino, Dillinger meets Stella Manzoni, who decides, out of love, to share the dangerous life of the bandit.

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