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Le Solitaire de Fort Humboldt (1975) de Tom Gries - front cover

Fort Humboldt Solitaire

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Fort Humboldt Solitaire (1975)
by Tom Gries

Sidonis Calysta – August 19, 2021

Original Title : Breakheart Pass
: DTSHD-MA 1.0: French, English
Subtitles : French
Country : USA
Duration : 95' ( )
Format : Silver Collection Edition Blu-ray + DVD
Area : B
Genre : Western

Arrested for cheating after a game of poker, John Deakin gets into the custody of Marshal Pearce on a train heading to Fort Humboldt. Unaware to all aboard that Deakin is not the wanted outlaw he appears to be, but a government agent on the trail of arms smugglers. It's up to him to remain incognito as long as possible despite the high risks of a trip that could be without return.

Content and Bonuses
Image and sounds restored
Blu-ray case with sheath
Contains :
  • the Blu-ray of the film (95')
  • the DVD of the film (91')

Presentations by Patrick Brion and Jean-François Giré