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Le Passage du canyon (1946) de Jacques Tourneur - front cover

The Passage of the Canyon

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The Passage of the Canyon (1946)
by Jacques Tourneur

Sidonis Calysta – November 22, 2021

Original Title : Canyon Passage
: DTSHD-MA 2.0 Mono: French, English
Subtitles : French
Duration : 92' ()
Format : Silver Collection Edition Blu-ray + DVD
Area : B
Genre : Western

In 1856, while the gold rush engulfed all of Oregon, Logan Stewart agreed, at the request of his friend Camrose, to escort his fiancée, Lucy Overmire, from Portland to Jacksonville. If Stewart falls in love with his passenger, he hides his feelings from her. Arrived at his destination, he saves Camrose, guilty of the murder of a minor, of the lynching. The truce is of short duration because, already, the Indians dig up the hatchet, pushed to the revolt by the assassination of one of theirs by an accomplice of Camrose. Imminent, the attack of Jacksonville leaves only little hope of survival to those who entrenched themselves there.

Content and Bonuses
Image and sound restored
Blu-ray case with sheath
Contains :
  • the Blu-ray of the film (92')
  • the DVD of the film (89')

Presentations of the film by Patrick Brion and Bertrand Tavernier
Interview with Jacques Tourneur