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L'Etoile du silence (1964) de Alfonso Brescia - front cover

The Magnificent Gladiator Occaz

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The Magnificent Gladiator (1964)
by Alfonso Brescia

Very good state

Original title : Il magnifico gladiatore
Audio: French Dolby Digital, Italian Dolby Digital
Subtitles : French
Country : Italy
Year : 19 64
Duration : 91' ( )
Format : DVD
Area : B
Genre : Peplum

Hercules saves Velida, the daughter of Emperor Gallienus, from the Romans, by falling in love. But she is promised to Juddo, the leader of the Praetorians, who covets the throne. He tries to achieve his ends by having Gallien replaced by a look-alike under his orders. Hercules will discover the scheme and launch a revolt against the despot.

Content and Bonuses
“Hercules and Gallien”: presentation by Michel Eloy (13'57”)
French credits (1'46”)
Slideshow of posters and photos (1'48”)
6 Peplum Artus Collection Trailer