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Le Fantôme de l'Opéra (1962) de Terence Fisher - front cover

The Phantom of the Opera

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The Phantom of the Opera (1962)
by Terence Fisher

Elephant Movies

Original Title : The Phantom of the Opera
: DTS-HS MA 2.0 Mono: English, French
Subtitles : French
Duration : 87' ( )
Format : Collector's Edition Blu-ray + DVD
Area : B
Genre : Horror

1900. A curse seems to strike the London Opera House. As the tragedies follow one another, the rumor of the presence of a mysterious ghost behind the scenes orchestrating the accidents swells more and more. During a prestigious premiere, its existence is no longer in doubt when Christine Charles, the rising star of the Opera, is kidnapped by the ghost. She will discover the terrible secrets hidden under the mask covering her terrifying face.

Content and Bonuses

Contains :

  • the Blu-ray of the movie
  • the DVD of the movie
  • a 20-page collector's booklet

Reversible cover with choice between "modern" or "vintage" facings
Blu-ray case with sheath

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