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Le Créateur de monstres + Mort de peur  de Christy Cabanne, Sam Newfie - front cover

The Monster Maker + Scared to Death

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The Monster Maker + Scared to Death
by Christy Cabanne, Sam Newfield

Bach Films – October 22, 2020

Original title :
Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
French subtitles
Country: USA
Year :
Duration : 62' ( )
Format: DVD
Area: B
Genre: Horror

- The creator of monsters:
Dr. Markoff has concocted a serum for a hideous condition called acromegaly, which distorts bones and facial features. Dr. Markoff will have no qualms about injecting his serum into the famous pianist Anthony Lawrence, to extort his entire fortune and demand his daughter's hand.

- Scared to Death:
Young women are hypnotized by Professor Léonide, an evil scientific spirit

Content and Bonuses
Contains :