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L'Alliance (1970) de Christian de Chalonge - front cover

The Alliance

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The Alliance (1970)
of Christian de Chalonge

The Eye of the Witness TV - October 18, 2022

Original Title :
Audio : Stereo Dolby 2.0 French
Subtitles: Without
Duration : 1h25
Format : DVD Digipack
Area : B


Hugues (Jean-Claude Carrière), a veterinarian looking for a large apartment, hires the services of a marriage agency to access this property, and incidentally find a wife. The agency introduces him to Jeanne (Anna Karina), an enigmatic young woman.

Back from their honeymoon, Hugues surrounds himself with a multitude of animals (reptiles, primates, insects, etc.) to conduct his research. Their presence is a source of concern for Jeanne. In this oppressive climate, the two beings begin to spy on each other. As they somehow manage to tame each other and then attach themselves to each other, an indefinable threat looms, keenly felt by the animals, a prelude to an unexpected outcome.

Content and Bonuses
- "An intimate apocalypse", Interview with Jean-Claude Carrière, 2012 - 2022, 14'
- "There is a tenant at the address indicated", 2022, Portrait of Jean-Claude Carrière by Sylvain Perret, 22'
- "The art of disruption", Evocation of the career of Christian de Chalonge by Roland-Jean Charna, 2022, 14'