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The Sicilian

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The Sicilian (1987)

by Michael Cimino

BQHL Editions - May 24, 2023

Original Title :
: LINEAR PCM 2.0: English, French
Subtitles : French
Duration : 146' ( )
Format : Blu-ray
Area : B
Genre : Crime, Action, Drama

Sicily, 1947. Seriously injured by the police, Salvatore Giuliano miraculously survives. More determined than ever to upset the rules of a conservative society dominated by the aristocracy, the Church and the mafia, he takes refuge in the mountains, surrounded by men torn from their jail. By wanting to give the land to the peasants by paying them part of his booty and by repeating that he wanted to take Sicily out of the bosom of Italy, he became dangerous for the powerful. He becomes the man to kill.

Content and Bonuses
Film in Director's Cut version
Case with sheath
Presentation of the film by Rafik Djoumi, journalist