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La Planète des hommes perdus (1961) de Antonio Margheriti - front cover

The Planet of the Lost Men

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Planet of the Lost Men (1961)
by Antonio Margheriti

Artus Films – May 6, 2014

Original Title: Il Pianeta degli uomini spenti
Audio: French Dolby Digital 2.0, Italian Dolby Digital 2.0
French subtitles
Country: Italy
Year: 1961
Duration : 93' ( )
Format: DVD
Area: B
Genre: sci-fi

A meteorite is dangerously approaching the Earth. Despite the calculations of Professor Benson, who believes that she will pass her way, the military authorities send reconnaissance rockets. As the meteorite lifts into orbit and triggers a series of disasters, an armada of flying saucers heads towards Earth.

Content and Bonus Contains:Contains:Contains:
Margheriti and SF, by Alain Petit
Photo slideshow