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Screaming Boys de Violaine de Charnage - front cover

Karnage - Screaming Boys

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by Violaine de Charnage

Release date : January 16, 2023
Publisher : Collection Karnage
Language : French
Number of pages : 166 pages

Novel / paperback

WARNING: very explicit content. Reserved for an adult and informed public.

“Under the crushing pressure of the sand, his chest struggles more and more to rise. The little air he inhales is loaded with blood, saliva and snot.

He is suffocating. Chat! Right ear. Chat! Left ear. He faints, but the pain revives him! It's not possible, it's a nightmare.

He will wake up, bathed in his sweat, but with integrity. He will drink straight from the spout of the tap in the outside bathroom, the night will rustle with life, and gnats will fly around him, attracted by the light. And, tomorrow, he will laugh about it. "


The Karnage collection offers short horror, gore and sometimes pornographic stories, in the great tradition of 80s station novels.

Your assumed outrageousness, humor black as night, explicit violence, lexical crudeness, the literary extremism of the works in the Karnage Collection is aimed at an informed and consenting public.