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Intégrale Pierre Clémenti (1967) de Pierre Clémenti - front cover

Complete Pierre Clementi

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Complete Pierre Clementi (1967)
by Pierre Clementi

Potemkin Films – May 18, 2022

Original Title :
: DTS-HD MA 2.0 Mono: French
Subtitles : French, English
Duration : 451' ( )
Format : Blu-ray + DVD Combo
Area : B
Genre : Drama, Short Film

We know the actor Pierre Clémenti for his shadowy beauty with Buñuel Pasolini, Marc'O or Garrel, but Clémenti was also a filmmaker. His production of psychedelic and libertarian filmed diaries, in which the story of the intimate mixes with the history of society, is published in a restored version, as is his only fiction, a spirited punk story, paranoid and sticky thriller: “In the shadow of the blue scoundrel”. Immerse yourself in the ultra-sensitive and ultra-free universe of this unique artist.

Content and Bonuses
2K Restored Movies
Contains :
  • Blu-ray and DVD 1 - Fragment films that combine intimate life and political advocacy:
    • "Censor visa n°X" (1967, 43')
    • “The Revolution is only a beginning. Let's continue the fight" with music from 2021 by Jean-Pierre Kalfon and Hugo Indi (1968, 22')
    • "New Old or the chronicles of the present time" (1979, 67')
  • Blu-ray and DVD 2 - Movies about family and friends:
    • “Positano” with music from 2022 by Vincent Epplay (1968, 24')
    • "Memories, memories" with music from 2022 by Vincent Epplay (1967-1978, 28')
    • “The Second Woman” with music from 2022 by Vincent Epplay (1967-1978, 46')
  • Blu-ray and DVD 3 - Black and paranoid detective films:
    • “In the shadow of the blue scoundrel” (1985, 84')
    • “Sun” (1988, 17')
  • 8 postcards (one per film)
  • a booklet with presentation texts for each film (24 pages)

Blu-rays and DVDs 1:
"Over there here": analysis of Clémenti's work by Philippe Azoury, film critic, on a montage by Julien Wautier (2022, 13')

Blu-ray and DVD 2:
Interview with Bertrand Mandico and Yann Gonzales (2022, 20')

Blu-ray and DVD 3:
“Pierre Clémenti, absolute freedom”: documentary by Laurence Leduc-Clémenti, cousin of Pierre Clémenti (2012, 69')