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Il Demone Di Laplace (2020) de Giordano Giulivi - front cover

Il Demone Di Laplace (DVD)

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Il Demone Di Laplace (2016)
of Giordano Giulivi

Uncut Movies – November 15, 2021

Original Title :
: Italian
Subtitles : French, Italian, English, Spanish
Duration : 1h44
Format : DVD
Zone : All zones
Genre : Horror

A team of researchers has developed software capable of predicting future events. They are then invited by a scientist to come and present their project in a villa located on an island cut off from the rest of the world. A brief exploration of the environment leads them to come across a miniature model of the house they are in. Inside this model are figurines representing them and which seem to move in perfect synchronization with their own movements. As night falls and the storm rumbles, the small group will fall prey to a mysterious hand that assassinates them without anything seeming to allow the unfortunate researchers to escape this deadly force.

- - -