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Horror. Histoires de sang, d’esprits et de secrets. de Dario Argento - front cover

Horror. Stories of blood, spirits and secrets.

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Horror. Stories of blood, spirits and secrets.
by Dario Argento

Publisher : Deep Red (2019)
Language : French
Number of pages : 192 pages

In these six short stories, Dario Argento surveys the territories of the thriller, the gothic, the esoteric, the monstrous and the dreamlike. His style is lively, precise and creates disturbing atmospheres. The plunge into the darkness of the human soul is vertiginous there; the macabre reigns, the unexpected arises, the beyond sighs, mystery insists, between shocking visions, muted or sudden violence and terrifying suggestions. Thrills guaranteed: the image words of the maestro of horror and the giallo hit hard, resonate persistently.

“It's the Coliseum of horror stories, a monument, a milestone. Dario Argento is a god, mine. (Guillermo del Toro on Horror .)