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Giant from the Unknown (19587) de Richard E. Cunha - front cover

Giant from the Unknown

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Giant from the Unknown (19587)
by Richard E. Cunha

The Film Detective

Original Title :
: English: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono
Subtitles : English, Spanish
Duration : 1h17
Format : Blu-ray / US import
Area : A
Genre : Horror, Drama

In Richard Cunha's Giant from the Unknown, scientists come upon a petrified lizard in the California Mountains. The lizard revives, proving the theory of suspended animation. Excitedly, scientist Wayne Brooks (Ed Kemmer) begins searching for a legendary Spanish giant called Vargas, who disappeared in the region 500 years earlier and who also may be in a suspended-animation state. Brooks discovers all too soon that his instincts a correct: a bolt of lightning releases Vargas (Buddy Baer) from his centuries-long slumber, whereupon the big brute goes on a homicidal rampage.

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