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Freaks Out (2021) de Gabriele Mainetti - front cover

Freaks Out

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Freaks Out (2021)
by Gabriele Mainetti

Metropolitan Video - August 9, 2022

Original Title :
: DTS-HD MA 5.1: French, Italianv
Subtitles : French
Duration : 141' ( )
Size : Blu ray
Area : B
Genre : Drama , Adventure, Fantasy

Rome, 1943, under Nazi occupation, the Eternal City welcomes the circus where Matilde, Cencio, Fulvio and Mario work like fairground freaks. Israel, the owner of the circus and father figure of this small family, tries to organize their escape to America, but he disappears. Deprived of a home and protection, in a society where they no longer have a place, the four "monsters" will try to survive in a world at war.

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