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Flagellations (1974) de Pete Walker - front cover


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Flagellations (1974)
by Pete Walker

Artus Films – March 6, 2018

Original Title: House of Whipcord
Audio: English DTS-HD MA 2.0
French subtitles
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1974
Duration : 102' ( )
Format: Blu-ray + DVD Combo
Area: B
Genre: Horror

Young French model living in London, Anne-Marie lets herself be seduced by Mark, who takes her to her parents, to an old and large country house. She quickly realizes that she is just another prey, given to Mrs. Wakehurst, a former director of a women's prison, and her husband, Judge Bailey. Under the pretext of redemption and the fight against depravity, these two perverts in fact satisfy their sadism and their perversity.

Content and Bonus Contains: Contains :
Contains :

  • the Blu-ray of the film (102')
  • the DVD of the film (98')

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