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Frightmare (1974) de Pete Walker - front cover


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Frightmare (1974)
of Pete Walker

Uncut Movies

Original Title :
: English
Subtitles : English French
Country : United Kingdom
Year : 1974
Duration : 1h34
Format : DVD Collector limited and numbered to 1000 copies
Area : 2/B
Gender :

Dorothy Yates lives with her husband Edmund on a small isolated farmhouse away from prying eyes. The old woman actually conceals a terrible past since she was interned for many years alongside her husband for having committed a series of brutal murders against a backdrop of cannibalism. Now freed and reintegrated into society, Dorothy leads a quiet life under the benevolent eye of her husband who was yesterday an accomplice in his wife's crimes out of love. In reality, the old woman has lost none of her madness and will once again give in to the call of human flesh, which she reveals herself to after all these years of psychoanalysis, still so fond of it! Dorothy thus secretly attracts her victims to her home to draw their cards before slaughtering them with savagery and feasting on their still lukewarm brains. Only Jackie, Edmund's daughter, seems to be aware of her stepmother's new murderous drift. Will she be able to put an end to this carnage which is once again bloodying the English countryside? You will find out by watching this shocking, disturbing and deeply visceral film which tackles the theme of cannibalism with originality and this long before the kings of Italian bis cinema granted themselves this subject through bands such as Cannibal Holocaust , Cannibal Ferox or Anthropophagous !


  • the film in original English version with French subtitles
  • the film in original English version
  • Pete Walker: from ribaldness to cannibalism by David Didelot
  • the original movie trailer
  • Photo gallery
  • Uncut Movies trailers
  • a 28-page booklet
  • a collector's poster