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Event Horizon : Le Vaisseau de l'au-delà (1997) de Paul W.S. Anderson - front cover

Event Horizon: The Vessel From Beyond

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Event Horizon: The Vessel From Beyond (1997)
by Paul W. S. Anderson

Paramount Pictures – January 5, 2022

Original Title :
: Dolby Audio True HD - DD 5.1: English
Dolby Audio - DD 5.1: French, German, Spanish, Italian
Subtitles : French, English, German, Spanish, Italian
Duration : 96' ( )
Format : Blu-ray
Area : Area B
Genre : SF, Horror

2047. A few years earlier, the experimental ship Event Horizon disappeared without a trace. A signal has just been detected by the United States Aerospace Command. A reckless captain and his team accompany the ship's designer to the scene of the signal. Their mission: Locate and bring back this ship equipped with the very latest technology. On the spot, they discover a real carnage. Space is infinite, terror too!

Content and Bonuses
Audio commentary by Paul WS Anderson and Jeremy Bolt (prod.) (VOST)
“The Making of Event Horizon: Into the Jaws of Darkness” (making of in 5 parts, 103', VOST):
  • "Heart of Darkness"
  • "The Monster's Carcass"
  • “Liberate tutum ex infernis”
  • " Descent into hell "
  • "Fear in the stomach"
“The point of no return” (filming commented by Paul WS Anderson, 8'12”, VOST):
  • "The Grinder"
  • "Crew Gathering"
  • " Cables "
  • "Black Body"
“Black Holes” (deleted scenes commented by Paul WS Anderson, VOST):
  • Instruction (2'49”)
  • Medical Bay (53”)
  • Torch Man (6'20”)
“Unpublished Event Horizon” (filming commented by Paul WS Anderson, VOST):
  • The rescue scene (2'57”)
  • Concept Art (3'52”)
Trailers (VO):
  • Cinema (2'22”)
  • Video (1'48”)