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Essai : Camp ! volume 2 — Pop Camp, Comédie et Film musical de Pascal Françaix - front cover

Test: Camp! volume 2 — Pop Camp, Comedy and Musical Film

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Test: Camp! volume 2 — Pop Camp, Comedy and Musical Film
by Pascal Francaix

Publisher : Marest Publisher // September 28, 2021
Language : French
Number of pages : 512 pages

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DEDICATION with the author in May!

What is the camp? "The Camp is the unbridled pose, the affectation erected into a system, the derision by the excess, the exacerbated exhibitionism, the primacy of the second degree, the sublimation by the grotesque, the kitsch going beyond the aesthetic domain to penetrate the behavioral sphere. It is the reflection of Narcissus in the mirror of the Evil Queen from Snow White. »

Camp ! volume 2 invites the outrageous comedians Jerry Lewis and Mel Brooks, dwells at length on the fabulous curves of Jayne Mansfield at Tashlin, the strange glamor of Mae West, sees a Raquel Welch tumbling in the skin of a man, sneaking into the dances of Bob Fosse. This opus highlights the beauty of the baroque decorations of Joseph Losey and the fury of the works of Ken Russell.

Pascal Françaix's love for the Camp allows him to save certain high-profile nanars ( Xanadu ) from oblivion. Strap-on rigor and sensitive soul abstain. In short, laughter, tears, sex and rhythm: the Camp is back!