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Death warmed up (1984) de David BLYTH - front cover

Death warmed up

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Death warmed up ( 1984 )
by David Blyth

Extralucid Films -

Original title : Death warmed up
Audio: French 5.1, English 5.1
Subtitles : English
Country : New Zealand
Year : 1984
Duration : 85'
Format : BluRay/DVD Combo Collector's Box
Area : B
Gender : Horror


MICHAEL TUCKER was programmed by surgeon ARCHER HOWELL to murder his parents. Following the massacre, he is incarcerated in a mental asylum.

Years later, MICHAEL and his friends travel to a remote island where HOWELL is experimenting on humans to turn them into killing machines. MICHAEL must take revenge on HOWELL for the murder of his parents but also stop him for the good of humanity.                                   

Content and Bonuses

Exceptional introduction by David Blyth
Interview with Julien Seveon
Bonus movies:
WOUND directed by David Blyth in 2010 (76 minutes, 16/9 HD, VOSTFR)
FRENCH CONNECTION , documentary directed by David Blyth in 2011 (21 minutes, 16/9, HD, VOSTFR)
Libretto by Julien Sévéon: Horror Cinema in New Zealand
COLLECTION EXTRACULTE n°1 - Numbered on the edge of the box
24-page booklet