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Dans les griffes du vampire (1959) de Edward Dein - front cover

In the clutches of the vampire

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In the Claws of the Vampire (1959)

by Edward Dein

BQHL Editions - January 26, 2023

Bruno's recce
a rare mix of 50s western and vampire film to discover
whether you like both genres...or only one of them.

Original Title :
: LINEAR PCM 2.0: English
Subtitles : French
Duration : 79' ( )
Format : Blu-ray
Area : B
Genre : Horror, Western

A place in the West like so many, at least until the day when young women begin to die one after another in strange circumstances, all drained of their blood. If Dr. Carter senses a supernatural origin, he dies before he can identify a culprit. Determined to unravel the mystery as the region's largest landowner tries to violently expand his domain, the pastor and the sheriff are disturbed by the arrival in town of an enigmatic mercenary dressed in black and fleeing. the sunlight.

Content and Bonuses
Case with sheath