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Cours, Christine, Cours ! de Kasprowiak - front cover

Run, Christine, Run!

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Run, Christine, Run!
by Kasprowiak

Release date : June 27, 2022
Publisher : Collection Karnage
Language : French
Number of pages : 166 pages

Novel / paperback

WARNING: very explicit content. Reserved for an adult and informed public.

"Christine is fleeing. She doesn't know where she is going. She wants to live, but she has no idea how she can access this privilege.
She runs across the path. Death is at his ass.
She would like to think, she cannot. Miss Maggie quickly chops the wood up to the handle.
Several choices are available to her, each more rotten than the other.
To hide… If he finds her, he kills her.
Going up…He'll find her eventually, and if he finds her…."


The Karnage collection offers short horror, gore and sometimes pornographic stories, in the great tradition of 80s station novels.

Your assumed outrageousness, humor black as night, explicit violence, lexical crudeness, the literary extremism of the works in the Karnage Collection is aimed at an informed and consenting public.