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Comment réussir... quand on est con et pleurnichard (1973) de Michel Audiard - front cover

How to succeed... when you're stupid and whiny

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How to succeed... when you're stupid and crybaby (1973)
by Michel Audiard

Gaumont - September 21, 2022

Original Title :
Audio: DTS-HD-MA 2.0: French
Subtitles: Without
Duration : 90' ( )
Format : Blu-Ray
Area : B
Genre : Comedy

To sell adulterated vermouth, Antoine Robineau has an unstoppable technique: he pities the customer, whines, tells his misfortunes, invents imaginary illnesses. The same methods work for him with women. From the sentimental stripper to the mistress of a palace manager, they all drown in his ocean of tears, which ends up tracing an incredible destiny for him.

Content and Bonuses
Unpublished interview with Jean-Marie Poiré