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The Chinese Feast / Tri-Star (1995 / 1996) de Tsui Hark - front cover

The Chinese Feast / Tri-Star

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The Chinese Feast / Tri-Star ( 1995 / 1996 )
of Tsui Hark

Spectrum Films – March 11, 2021

Audio : Cantonese/ French
Subtitles : French
Country : Hong Kong
Year : 1995 / 1996
Duration : 1H42 / 1H46
Format : Bluray
Area : B
Gender :

Chiu (Leslie Cheung) wants to get out of his mafia environment to become a great cook. But he becomes a simple clerk of the big restaurant of the Au family. He falls under the spell of the boss's daughter, the wild and baroque Ka-wai (Anita Yuen), and wants to help her maintain the family business when it is threatened by a formidable Mongolian competitor. Together, they must find the best chef, the one who will make them win the Chinese Feast challenge.

Content and Bonuses

Presentation of Tsui Hark, Interview of Tsui Hark, Presentation of Arnaud Lanuque, Portrait of Leslie Cheung by Arnaud Lanuque, Presentation of the film by the Capture Mag team and trailers.

2nd Blu-ray: Tris-Star by Tsui Hark