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Coffret Collection Angoisses - 7 films (1977-1981) - front cover

Box Collection Anxieties - 7 films

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Box Collection Anxiety - 7 films (1977-1981)
by J. Lee Thompson, Paul Lynch, Jack Cardiff, Dan Curtis, Roger Spottiswoode, Simon Wincer, Richard Franklin

Rimini Editions - October 1 , 2020

Original Title :
: French Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles : French
Country : Canada, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Australia
Year : 1977-198 1
Duration : 90' ( )
Format : DVD Pack
Area : B
Genre : Horror, Gore, Thriller, Fantasy

- Happy Birthday to Me (1981)
Virginia was the victim of a serious accident in which her mother perished; After brain surgery, she returns to high school. Very good, student, she however suffers from memory problems. She quickly joined a brotherhood bringing together the best students. But the members of this small group are murdered one after the other in circumstances that are as bloody as they are surprising.

- The Horror Ball (1980)
A little girl dies accidentally during a game organized by her classmates. Faced with the horror of the situation, they decide never to reveal the truth. But the scene had a mysterious witness. A few years later, when the children have become high school students, this witness decides to take revenge on the occasion of the high school year-end ball.

- Changes (1974)
A researcher in biology, Professor Nolter has developed audacious theories, according to which it would be possible to give life to creatures by mixing the DNA of plants and those of animal species. In secret, he conducts horrible experiments. Wanting to move up a gear, he decides to use human DNA. At the same time, a circus comes to town...

- Trauma (1976)
The Rolf family moves into a huge Victorian mansion for the holidays, the owners of which do not charge any rent. They only impose on them to take care of their old mother, a mysterious woman who never leaves her room located in the attic. Very quickly, strange events occur in the house.

- Terror Train - The Monster Train (1980)
In order to celebrate the new year as it should be, a group of students organizes a costume party in a steam train. Between drugs, alcohol, dancing and entertainment, the evening promises to be lively. But a killer got on the train.

- Harlequin (1980)
A very busy man, obsessed with his career, Senator Rick Rast neglects his wife Sandra and his son Alex, who has severe leukemia. One evening, a mysterious stranger manages to enter his property, which is nevertheless very well protected. Who is he ? What does he want ? Conducting his investigation, he discovers that the man would have died 20 years earlier...

-Patrick (1977)
Kathy Jacquard, a young nurse, is hired in an Australian private clinic. Among the sick, there is Patrick, 24, in a coma for several years. Many employees have thought of "unplugging" him, but no one has dared... Interested in his case, Kathy discovers that, if he has lost the use of his five senses, Patrick has developed a sixth, fascinating and formidable. . From the depths of his bed, he is able to change the course of things. The multiplication of strange events puts the clinic under high tension.