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Cloverfield 4K Steelbook (2008) de Matt Reeves - front cover

Cloverfield 4K Steelbook

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Cloverfield 4K Steelbook (2008)
by Matt Reeves

Paramount Pictures – January 18, 2023

Original Title :
: Dolby Audio True HD 5.1: English
Dolby Audio DD 5.1: French
Subtitles : French, English
Duration : 85' ( )
Format : 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray - SteelBook Case Edition
Zone : All zones
Genre : sci-fi

New York. About 40 of his friends and relations threw a party at Rob's house in honor of his departure for Japan. Among them, Hub, videographer for one evening, in charge of immortalizing the event. The "party" is in full swing when a violent tremor suddenly shakes the building. Guests rush to the street where an anxious crowd has gathered within moments. A huge shadow looms in the sky, a dull rumble is heard... and the head of the Statue of Liberty suddenly collapses on the road. The attack of the century has just begun. In the early morning, Manhattan will be nothing more than a field of ruins.

Content and Bonuses
SteelBook metal case slipped into a transparent plastic outer case with selective printing
Limited edition of 1000 copies
Contains :
  • the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray of the film (Dolby Vision and HDR10)
  • the Blu-ray of the movie

4K Ultra-HD:
No video bonus

Blu ray:
“Special Investigation Mode”: playful interactivity while playing the film
Audio Commentary by Director Matt Reeves
5 features
4 new scenes
2 alternate endings with optional commentary
14 hidden bonuses