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C'est Presque Pareil ! - front cover

It's almost the same !

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It's almost the same !
by Claude Gaillard

Publisher : Omake Books (October 22, 2020)
Language : French
Number of pages : 191 pages

A humorous anthology of counterfeiting in cinema!

When an idea is good, it can be used many times over! Each great Hollywood success thus opens the way to a surprising parade of copies and ersatz.

It's almost the same humorously explores the hidden side of the 7th art, reveals its worst and its
best scams. Discover in joy and good humor the films of Sylvester Stallone without Sylvester Stallone (or sometimes with his brother), John Travolto, the Italian version of John Travolta, the false sequels that you would have preferred not to see (The Terminator 2 Italian, Jaws 5 ), the filmic adventures of Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer lookalikes, attempts at very little cultural appropriation (A Robocop came from Bangladesh, a woman terminator in Indonesia, the Star Wars Brazilian...), clones of Bruce Lee (Bruce Li, Bruce Le...), copies of James Bond or even the lamentable counterfeits of Walt Disney and Pixar cartoons...

As a bonus, a preface signed by the talented and famous (in his neighborhood) James Cameroon!