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Black Past (1989) de Olaf Ittenbach - front cover

Black Past

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Black Past (1989)
of Olaf Ittenbach

Uncut Movies

Original Title :
: German
Subtitles : French, Italian, English, Spanish
Country : Germany
Year : 1989
Duration : 1h23
Format : DVD
Zone : All zones
Gender :

Tommy, a young high school student, has just moved into a new home with his family. During a thorough visit to the attic, the young man sees an old chest mysteriously closed by a chain. Taken by curiosity, Tommy decides to open it and discovers a strange mirror inside which he immediately hangs up in his room. A gesture that will have horrible consequences because the mirror has an evil power that will lead to death and chaos within the family home. Possessed by the demonic spirit of the mirror, the young Tommy is transformed into a monstrous and bloodthirsty creature which will massacre with incredible violence all the inhabitants of the house. Cutting up with a chainsaw, castration, disembowelments and mutilations then follow one another at a frantic pace, transforming the charming residence into a place where the worst atrocities reign. Who will survive this night of terror to tell the horrible truth?

- - -