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Birdshot (2016) de Mikhail Red - front cover


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Birdshot (2016)
by Mikhail Red

Spectrum Films – April 9 , 2019

Original title : Shan ye zhui zong
: Tagalog DTS-HD-MA 5.1
Subtitles : French
Country : Philippines
Year : 2016
Duration : 116' ( )
Format : Collector's Edition - Blu-ray + DVD Combo
Area : B
Genre : Thriller

Maya is a young girl raised by her father on an isolated farm. She accidentally kills a Philippine eagle that is part of an endangered species. Domingo, a young police recruit, investigates the disappearance of a group of farmers. As he becomes increasingly compromised by the corruption and police brutality he encounters, Maya is touched by the supernatural elements of his home country. Their two paths will lead to a terrifyingly violent conclusion.

Content and Bonuses

Collector's edition limited to 1,000 copies. Contains :

  • the Blu-ray of the movie
  • the DVD of the movie

Interview with the director
Review by Dirty Tommy and Hidden Review