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Béla Tarr, le maître du temps - Coffret (1979-2000)

Shinya Tsukamoto in 10 films

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Shinya Tsukamoto in 10 films (1987-2018)

Carlotta Films – May 16, 2023

Original Title :
Audio: DTS HD MA 5.1: Japanese
DTS HD MA 2.0: Japanese
DTS HD MA 1.0: Japanese
Subtitles : French
Duration : 750' ( )
Format : Box 4 Blu-ray + Booklet
Gender :

- The Adventures of Denchu ​​Kozo (short film, 1987):
Denchu ​​Kozo, a teenager bullied because of the electric pole he carries on his back, invents a time machine that sends him into the future where cyborg punk vampires rule a chaotic world by detonating atomic bombs to darken the sky...

- Tetsuo (1989):
After a car accident, a man sees his body mutate into a kind of magnet picking up all the metallic detritus of society...

- Tetsuo II: Body Hammer (1992):
Tomo Taniguchi and his wife Kana live peacefully with their young son Minori. One day, the child is kidnapped and torn to pieces before the eyes of the parents by a monstrous skinhead. Mad with grief, the father finds himself the captive of an organization that worships the god of destruction. He becomes the psychic and virtual guinea pig of the scientist...

-Tokyo Fist (1995):
Tsuda Yoshiharu is a businessman with an artificial and sanitized existence in a large Tokyo corporation. A bit by chance, Tsuda will cross paths with a friend he hasn't seen for a long time. An emulation as well as a violent competition will be born between the two men, who will soon share two things: a fascination for Tsuda's wife, and the practice of boxing as an outlet for their inert life...

- Bullet Ballet (1998):
Goda meets Chisato, an enigmatic young woman drawn to death. She is a member of a gang who humiliates and beats him up. For Goda, obtaining a revolver then becomes a real obsession...

- A Snake of June (2002):
Rinko works as a social worker. All day, she answers calls from people in distress. Her husband Shigehiko is a salaryman obsessed with cleanliness. Between Rinko and Shigehiko, communication seems restricted to a polite minimum. One day, Rinko receives an envelope, supposedly containing "her husband's secrets" and a telephone. At the other end of the line, Iguchi: one of those unfortunates to whom Rinko gave the desire to continue living. In order to recover the negatives of the photos, Rinko agrees to lend herself to a treasure hunt organized by telephone by her persecutor...

- Vital (2004):
After a tragic accident that took away his fiancée, Hiroshi Takagi lost his memory. Only his passion for medicine remains. He then begins studies in the medical field, but finds himself confronted with the body of his friend on the dissection table...

- Haze (short film, 2005):
A man wakes up to find himself trapped in a filthy, confined crawl space. He barely has enough room to move. He also does not remember why he is there, or why. He has a terrible stomach wound and is slowly bleeding out...

- Kotoko (2011):
A depressed single mother is suspected of child abuse, her child is taken away from her. Her mental anguish intensifies as she succumbs to her darkest fantasies...

- Killing (2018):
In the middle of the 19th century, Ikematsu Sosuke, a ronin trained every day in order to preserve his skills as a swordsman. One day, he is offered to join a group of mercenaries on a secret mission to the capital.

Content and Bonuses
Contains :
  • BLU-RAY 1:
    • "The Adventures of Denchu ​​Kozo" (1987, color, 46')
    • "Tetsuo" (1989, B&W, 67')
    • “Tetsuo II: Body Hammer” (1992, color, 81')
  • BLU-RAY 2:
    • "Tokyo Fist" (1995, color, 81')
    • "Bullet Ballet" (1998, N1B, 87')
  • BLU-RAY 3:
    • “A Snake of June” (2002, color, 77')
    • “Vital” (2004, colors, 85')
    • “Haze” (2005, colors, 48')
  • BLU-RAY 4:
    • “Kotoko” (2011, colors, 91')
    • “Killing” (2018, colors, 80')
  • a booklet written by Julien Sévéon, French journalist and specialist in cinematography from the Far East and popular cinema and illustrated with exclusive set photos (80 pages)

4 film presentations by Jean-Pierre Dionnet: Tetsuo, Tetsuo II: Body Hammer, Tokyo Fist and Bullet Ballet
"An assault on the senses": analysis of the Tsukamoto style by Jasper Sharp, specialist in Japanese cinema (HD, 16')
10 archival interviews with Shinya Tsukamoto, including one directed by Jean-Pierre Dionnet
5 documentaries/making of on the shooting of the Tetsuo II films: Body Hammer, A Snake of June, Vital and Haze
"The Great Provocateur of Japanese Cinema: Shinya Tsukamoto" (HD, 48')
10 original trailers