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48 heures (1982) de Walter Hill - front cover

48 hours

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48 Hours (1982)
by Walter Hill

Paramount Pictures – July 7, 2021

Original Title : 48HRS.
: Dolby Audio True HD 5.1: English, Dolby Audio - DD French 1.0
Subtitles : French, English
Country : USA
Year : 1982
Duration : 96' ( )
Format : Blu-ray
Area : Area B
Genre : Crime, Action, Comedy

Two murderers are chased by the police as they search for the spoils of a heist committed by Reggie Hammond, one of their former accomplices who is currently imprisoned. To find them, Detective Jack Cates needs Reggie's help. He goes to see him in prison to ask for his collaboration, but Hammond negotiates his help against permission to leave. Jack will therefore ensure that Reggie is on probation for 48 hours, during which he will help him find his former accomplices.

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