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100 Tears - Director's Cut (2007) de Marcus Koch - front cover

100 Tears - Director's Cut

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100 Tears - Director's Cut (2007)
of Marcus Koch

Uncut Movies

Original Title :
: German, English
Subtitles : French, Italian, English, Spanish, German
Country : USA
Year : 2007
Duration : 1h35
Format : Blu-ray
Zone : All zones
Genre : Horror

A psychopathic killer dressed as a clown has been spreading terror for more than 20 years in a peaceful small American town. Armed with a gigantic chopper, he relentlessly hunts down victims before slaughtering them without the slightest pity. Who is he ? What are his bloody motives? It is to answer these questions that Jennifer and Mark, two journalists eager for thrills, decide to investigate the actions of this maniac. As the number of murders continues to increase, their investigation will lead them to the end of the horror .