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Dario Argento box set

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Dario Argento set (1984-1987)

Les Films du Camélia - December 2022

Original Title :
: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono: Italian, French
Subtitles : French
Duration : 763' ( )
Format : Limited Edition Blu-ray
Area : B
Genre : Horror, Thriller, Documentary

- Phenomena (1984)
Daughter of an American actor, Jennifer Corvino arrives in Switzerland at the Richard Wagner Institute to continue her studies. One evening, during a fit of somnambulism, the young girl witnesses the murder of a student. With the help of a crippled entomologist, Jennifer will try to identify the murderer...

- Profondo rosso (The Chills of Anguish) (1975)
After spotting a murderer at a parapsychology conference, a woman with clairvoyant gifts is murdered. But a man witnesses the murder. Accompanied by a journalist, he then conducts his investigation which will gradually lead him to a terrifying outcome...

- The Bird with Crystal Plumage (1970)
Sam Dalmas, an American writer passing through Rome, witnessed the assault of a young woman one evening in an art gallery. Declared an eyewitness by the police who are investigating a series of murders perpetrated by a gloved maniac, Dalmas decides to carry out his own research...

- Darkness (1982)
Peter Neal, an American writer, arrives in Rome to promote his latest book, “Tenebrae”. But a few days before, a young woman was murdered and the murderer filled her mouth with pages from the novel. Inspector Giermani is then convinced that there is a link between Neal and the killer...

- The Nine-Tailed Cat (1971)
Reporter Carlo Giordani and Franco Arno, a former journalist who has gone blind, investigate the murder of a member of the Terzi Institute, which specializes in genetic research and chromosomal predispositions to violence...

- Opera (1987)
Following the accident of the principal singer, a young opera singer, Betty, is chosen to interpret the role of Lady Macbeth in Verdi's opera, a work reputed to bring bad luck. Begins a series of murders in the entourage of the young woman who is pursued by a mysterious possessive fan. With the help of the director, Marco, Betty seeks to understand if she is not linked to the assassin who strewn the opera with mutilated bodies. How far will the curse of Macbeth strike?

- Dario Argento: Sighs in a Distant Corridor (2019)
Twenty years separate the two parts of this portrait film dedicated to Dario Argento. Shot in Turin and then in Rome between 2000 and 2019, Sighs in a Distant Corridor follows one of the most influential filmmakers of the past forty years. His obsessions, his work, his memories, his fears, his relationship to the eternal city, the wounds of Italian history, and then the passage of time...

Content and Bonuses
New 4K restorations
Limited Collector's Box
Contains :

Presentation of the film by Dario Argento
Video interview: Jean-Baptiste Thoret (27')
"Sighs in a Distant Corridor" by Jean-Baptiste Thoret (2019, 97')

Profondo rosso (The Shivers of Anguish)
Presentation of the film by Dario Argento
Video interviews:

  • Nicolas Boukhrief (28')
  • Macha Meril (17')

The Bird with Crystal Plumage
Presentation of the film by Dario Argento
Video interviews:

  • Gaspard Noé (9')
  • Yann Gonzalez (24')

Presentation of the film by Dario Argento
Video interviews:

  • Virginie Apiou (17')
  • Bertrand Bonello (15')

The Nine-Tailed Cat
Presentation of the film by Dario Argento
Video interviews:

  • Virginie Apiou (25')
  • Nicolas Saada (24')

Presentation of the film by Dario Argento
Video interviews:

  • Lucile Hadzihalilovic (11')
  • Jean-Baptiste Thoret (26')