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The Prophecy Collection (1995-2005) - front cover

The Prophecy Collection – Limited Edition (Lenticular Cover / Hard Slipcase)

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The Prophecy Collection – Limited Edition (Lenticular Cover / Hard Slipcase) (1995-2005)
de Joel Soisson, Greg Spence, Gregory Widen, Patrick Lussier

Via Vision Entertainment - 23 août 2023

Titre Original
: English 
Sous-titres : English
Durée : 7h12
Format : Bluray / 5 films / Import Australien 
Zone : B
Genre : Horreur, Thriller, Action

The terrifying supernatural horror written and directed by genre legend Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead series, Spider-Man trilogy) returns to Blu-ray in a Limited Edition 3D Lenticular Hardcase, just in time for Halloween.

Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is on her way to having it all: a devoted boyfriend (Justin Long), a hard-earned job promotion, and a bright future. But when she’s forced to make a tough decision that evicts an elderly woman from her house, Christine becomes the victim of an evil curse. Now she has only three days to dissuade a dark spirit from stealing her soul before she is dragged to hell for an eternity of unthinkable torment.

Contenu et Bonus
The Prophecy
At the scene of a bizarre murder, L.A. homicide detective Thomas Dagget (Elias Koteas Exotica) discovers a lethal heavenly prophecy now being fulfilled on earth! He fights to stop the forces of evil led by the powerful angel Gabriel (Christopher Walken), and finds an unlikely ally in an elementary school teacher (Virginia Madsen, Candyman). Together they race against time and terror to save the world as we know it! Also starring Eric Stoltz (Pulp Fiction), critics everywhere praised The Prophecy for its high-powered thrills and knockout performances.

Special Features:

  • NEW Audio Commentary by film historians Bryan Reesman & Max Evry
  • NEW God’s Army: Making The Prophecy – interview with
    writer/director Gregory Widen
  • NEW Divine Intervention: Filming The Prophecy – interview
    with director of photography Richard Clabaugh
  • Original Opening Sequence
  • Theatrical Trailer

The Prophecy II
Big-screen favorite Christopher Walken returns in a riveting performance as the menacing angel Gabriel. When the powers of good and evil again descend to Earth in a battle over mankind, the only hope for survival is the unborn child of an innocent woman (Jennifer Beals, The Book of Eli). With the help of a mysterious stranger, she races to protect her child and save all humanity… unless Gabriel catches her first.

Special Feature:

  • NEW Audio Commentary by film historians Bryan Reesman & Max Evry

The Prophecy III: The Ascent
Christopher Walken (Suicide Kings, The Prophecy) and Vincent Spano (The Tie That Binds) star in The Ascent, the third thrilling installment of the action-packed Prophecy trilogy! As fearsome armies of rebel angels continue to wage war in heaven and on earth, Pyriel, the brutal Angel of Genocide, rises to power with the evil intent to destroy all of mankind! The only one on earth with the ability to stop the bloodshed is Danyael, who was born of an angel and a woman. But he is unaware of his true purpose…until, during a harrowing journey of discovery, Danyael meets Gabriel (Walken), the fallen angel who has acted as his secret guardian! Now, brace yourself for an epic battle of the ages, as Danyael sets out to confront Pyriel in a bid to save the world and fulfill his ultimate destiny!

Special Feature:

  • NEW Audio Commentary by film historians Bryan Reesman & Max Evry

The Prophecy IV: Uprising
Another chapter in the wildly popular Prophecy series, The Prophecy: Uprising is a spine-tingling supernatural thriller starring Kari Wuhrer (Eight Legged Freaks) and Jason London (Out Cold). Not all prophecies have already been written. The Lexicon is an ancient religious manuscript that continues to write itself and reveal the mysteries of the future. When it lands in the hands of an unsuspecting young woman, she is suddenly thrust into the center of an epic battle between ruthless fallen angels who will move heaven and hell to learn the secrets contained in the Lexicon.

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary with writer/director Joel Soisson, actresses Kari Wuhrer and Georgina Rylance, makeup effects supervisor Gary Tunnicliffe and production executive Nick Phillips
  • “Adapting to Mother Nature: The Making of The Prophecy: Uprising” – featurette
  • Cast Auditions
  • Extended Ending
  • Deleted Scene
  • Photo Gallery

The Prophecy V: Forsaken
With hot stars Jason Scott Lee (Dracula II: Ascension, Dracula III: Legacy), Kari Wuhrer (The Prophecy: Uprising, Hellraiser: Deader) and Jason London (Dracula III: Legacy) back for more supernatural thrills, The Prophecy: Forsaken is the newest electrifying feature in The Prophecy saga! As an ancient religious text – the Lexicon – continues to write itself and reveal eternal mysteries of the universe, it is now believed to contain the exact time when the Antichrist will arrive! With control of the Lexicon and its enormous power at stake, a group of fallen angels will stop at nothing to capture it and the young woman (Wuhrer) who possesses it!

Special Feature:

  • Audio Commentary with writer/director Joel Soisson, editor Kirk Morri, FX designer Gary Tunnicliffe and production executive Nick Phillips