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The Monster (1975) de Peter Sasdy - front cover

The Monster

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The Monster (1975)
de Peter Sasdy

Network  - 11 octobre 2021

Titre Original : Sharon's Baby / I Don't Want to Be Born / It's Growing Inside Her / The Devil Within Her
: English: LPCM Mono
Sous-titresEnglish SDH
Durée : 95' (1h35)
Format : Blu ray 
Zone : Zone B
Genre : Horreur

There's something wrong with Lucy and Gino's little boy... born with what seems to be abnormal strength and an innate hatred of people, he appears to enjoy inflicting injury on others. Doctors are baffled, but a nun is convinced that the baby is possessed. Then events take such a murderous turn that few can afford to ignore the nun's warnings!

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