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The Revenant Steelbook Occaz

4 Steelbook Gray Velvet Flies

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4 Steelbook Gray Velvet Flies (1971)
by Dario Argento

Carlotta Films – May 2, 2023

Original title : 4 Mosche di velluto grigio
: DTS HD MA 1.0: English, Italian, English
Subtitles : French
Duration : 104' ( )
Format : Blu-ray - Limited SteelBook Edition
Genre : Thriller

For several days now, Roberto Tobias, drummer of a rock band, has been followed by a man in the street. When he finally intercepts the stranger, the situation gets out of hand and a murder ensues. Photographed with a gun in hand during the crime, Roberto soon receives threats from a mysterious person who witnessed the whole scene. He then becomes the victim of an odious harassment while other murders are committed around him.

Content and Bonuses

New 4K restoration
Limited SteelBook metal case

Interviews with members of the film crew