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Retrospective Paul Vecchiali de 1972 à 1979, partie 1 DVD Occaz  - front cover

Retrospective Paul Vecchiali from 1972 to 1979, part 1 DVD Occaz

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Retrospective Paul Vecchiali from 1972 to 1979, part 1 DVD Occaz

Very good state

Original Title :
: Dolby Audio DD 5.1: French
Subtitles :
Duration : 432' ( )
Format : DVD + Book
Area : B

- The strangler:
As a child, Emile ran into a criminal who strangled a crying woman in front of his eyes while running away from home. Marked for life, Emile tries, in his early twenties, to revive this "precious" moment. During the day, he collects the information necessary for the accomplishment of what he does not believe to be a crime.

- Women women:
Two maturing actresses seek to kill time by recalling their memories, but the memories leave unexpected traces.

- Don't change hands:
A prominent politician receives a pornographic film featuring her son. To discover the identity of her blackmailers, she hires a private detective.

- Body to heart:
A mechanic falls madly in love with a pharmacist fifteen years older than him, whom he met during a concert at the Sainte Chapelle where Fauré's Requiem was being performed. This woman and this music will haunt him.