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Jean Rollin, le rêveur égaré (2011) de Damien Dupont et Yvan Pierre-Kaiser - front cover

Jean Rollin, the lost dreamer

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Jean Rollin, the lost dreamer (2011)
of Damien Dupont and Yvan Pierre-Kaiser

The Ecstasy of Films - October 9, 2015

Original title : Jean Rollin, the lost dreamer
: French
Subtitles : English
Duration : 78 mins
Format : Unpublished DVD - All Zones
Genre : Documentary

The story: "In a village, the inquisition wreaks havoc. Albino, hunter of
Who is John Rollin?
A man who rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest intellectuals of the 20th century during his childhood.
An artist whose first film, with dialogues signed by Marguerite Duras, has dramatically disappeared.
A director with a singular and unique career in French cinema, with films that are openly fantastic, surreal, poetic - disconcerting.
A filmmaker who has always been murdered by critics but who is finally beginning to enjoy a certain recognition in France, while many fans already venerate him in Europe and the United States.
Jean Rollin signs a marginal and little-known work crossed by death and nostalgia, and whose  main obsession is time, that of wandering and dreaming.
Jean Rollin died on December 15, 2010 at the age of 72. This documentary is a tribute to this unique director, with the testimonies of his closest collaborators.
The portrait of an artist who was not really of this world.

Content and Bonuses

- Facsimile of the fanzine "Fantasticorama" n°4 (1999) with a river interview by Jean Rollin (16 pages)
- Pourville, Jean Rollin beach: 8 min.
- Memories of Natalie Perrey: 10 min.
- Ghost stories: 6 min.
- Meeting with Philippe d'Aram: 13 min.
- Lost among the graves: 16 min.
-  Meeting between Jean Rollin and Jean Pierre Bouyxou at the Hors-Circuit shop (04-07-2007)
- Photo galleries